About Us

DollMix Inc. works with variety of BJD companies, which produce dolls as well as accessory and tools. Aside from the companies we have in our list, we can also help you with seaching and purchasing the BJD-related goods that are not presented in our catalog.

We do not deal with recasts, and receive items from original companies, official affiliates and agents only. These companies provide post-sales service (if there's any). Being an agent of different companies we also support the events and lotteries held by them (some companies may held events for their local customers only, not international ones).

The companies we work with directly: 2DDoll, 5StarDoll, Aimerai, Akagi Doll, Angell Studio, B&G, Blossom Doll, Charm Doll, Clover Doll, CODENOiR, Darak-i, Doll Chateau, Doll Leaves, Dollzone, Dream Realm, Impldoll, KOK Collection, Little Monica, Loongsoul, LUTS, MaskCat Doll, MigiDoll, Moonhouse Doll, Resinsoul, SoulDoll, XAGA Doll.
The companies we work through our agent in China: Doll Legend, Infinite Love, Mystic Kids, NT Doll, Ringdoll.
The companies we have subcontract through international dealer: Angel Fantasy, Dragon Doll/Telesthesia.

If you are representative of BJD manufacturer or BJD company and interested in cooperation, please, contact us. We will be happy to discuss terms and conditions of cooperation.