Delivery Information

Delivery is not included to the products price, unless stated otherwise.
We provide the best possible solutions for shipping price/speed, regarding the region of shipping and the order consistency. Usually we suggest to use airmail service for small parcels (up to 2 kg) and EMS or any other priority delivery service for the parcels heavier than 2 kg. All items will be sent via registered postal services. We do not ship orders as unregistered parcels.
Shipping price can be calculated after the exact weight of the parcel is known. We provide discount for the direct shipping from the manufacturers, but as soon as postal fees change often, we don't want you to pay extra price with pre-calculated delivery. However, we can provide you pre-calculation when your order is confirmed, and inform you about the approximate shipping price. For the general orders (i.e. which include one doll) we can calculate the shipping price in advance.
Customs and postal fee for international delivery are the recipient's responsibility. The customer/recipient also pays for the delivery of free/event/gift items.
Estimated delivery dates depend on customs and postal services. We are not responsible for any delays related to these services. Please, make sure you've placed your order beforehand, at least 3-4 month prior to the date you would like to receive it (especially if you order doll or accessory as a gift). If you've placed an order which supposed to be gift, you can contact us and discuss the possibility of sending you the order certificate, which could be presented to the person you've ordered the present for (if there's a delay in shipping or delivery).
The order may be shipped to any country, if there are no limitations for importing the products ordered. We are not responsible for any returns of your order to the sender due to failure to process customs clearance for your parcel.