Why PayPal?
PayPal is one of the most safe ways to pay for your order. With PayPal you do not provide sensitive information to any third party and your payment information will be encrypted while stored in PayPal system.
All you need is to spend couple of minutes to register your personal PayPal account - and you will be able to pay for your orders not only at our website, but all over the Internet, as many online serivces accept PayPal payments.

How to register PayPal account (detailed instruction)
How to pay for your order with PayPal

How to register your PayPal account
You will need: bank account or bank card (preferably Visa), stable internet connection, several minutes and some patience.

1. Click on the link to get to PayPal's website main page.
2. Make sure that you're using secure connection (the https prefix or company name should be enlighted in green or - the green lock sign may appear on the left from the URL, depending on your browser type).
3. Click on "Register" or "Create new account".

NOTE: PayPal will suggest you to select a type for the account - personal or business. For shopping online and making payment with PayPal you will need personal account. Business accounts are used by online stores and merchants, so we will not review how to register business account on PayPal in this instruction.

4. Enter the country you live in, your e-mail and password for PayPal.
E-mail address - the e-mail you will use to identify yourself for PayPal services. It will be connected to your account and will be your primary identification for PayPal. You can use the existing e-mail address or register a new one for the PayPal account. We recommend to use services, which provide two steps of identification for the e-box.
Password - generate or create a password. It must be not less than 8 symbols and also include at least one number and one special symbol (like !@#$%^). Never use your name, last name, phone number or any other information, which could be easily found as your password. Treat your PayPal account as your wallet. Make sure you will not forget your password.
Retype the password to confirm it.
5. Enter your personal information as requested. This information will be stored encrypted and will not be visible for the sellers (for more information about personal information at PayPal please see Terms and Agreement on PayPal website). The only information, which could be provided to the seller is your shipping address.
Read PayPal Terms and Agreement, check the box if you want to continue using PayPal services and agree with the information. Make sure you've completed all the fileds correctly, then press "Accept and create account".
6. After your account is created, PayPal will suggest you to connect your bank card to it. Without bank card connect to your PayPal account you will not be able to make payments. But you can also connect your card to the account later.
To add card - simply type card number, expiration date and CVC (see the back of your card for three digits, which are usually used as verification code). Press "Add card" to complete registration of the card. PayPal will withdraw a small amount (usually between $1.00 and $3.00) to verify your card. This sum will be transferred back later.
7. If you haven't verified your e-mail account, PayPal will suggest you to when the registration is completed.

Congratulations! You've registered your PayPal account and now may start using it.

How to pay for your order wit PayPal
So now, when you have your brand new PayPal account you decided to pay for your order at our website by yourself, not waiting for the invoice we send.
WARNING: Paid orders cannot be cancelled, refunded or changed! Make sure that all the details about your order are correct and all information has been received by you.

1. Choose "Pay for goods and services".
2. Type our PayPal address (see the payment instruction in your order) and enter the amount you need to pay. We pay PayPal fees for the transactions in USD. If you pay for your order in currency which differs from USD or CAD, please, add 4% to your payment as a PayPal fee.
You may transfer USD even if your card or bank account have different currency. Simply select USD currency, type the necessary amount. Then make sure that conversion options are correct: if you choose PayPal conversion options, you will pay more than if you choose your bank conversion options. Settings of conversion are availabe from the settings of your card or payment page.
3. If you pay for your order from your account (which means you have some funds on your PayPal account), PayPal may suggest you to pay for the order partially (or completely) from your account and the rest of the sum - from your card or bank account.
4. Choose your shipping address. It may differ from your billing address. If you don't want to add the address as permanent, but still need to have a different shipping address, simply choose "No shipping required" and type the address in the message field.
5. Press "Send". If everything is OK - you will see a message that your transaction has been processed. PayPal will show you your unique transaction number, seller details, transferred amount and your message to seller.

Congratulations! You've paid for your order. Usually we receive payments quickly, but we may not process them immediately. Please, give us 48 hours to process your payment. If you didn't get a notification from us that the payment has been received (we didn't add this information to your order or didn't contact you via e-mail), please, contact us. If your PayPal address differs from the address you've used at our website, please, advise us about your PayPal address. Thank you!