Beyond the catalog

Is there something missing in our catalog but you are still willing to purchase it? We can help you!

DISCLAIMER: All we can do - is to help you to order the goods from the company you like. And that should be BJD-related orders only!

Due to different shipping limitations, we can't accept orders that include flammable or any other liquids and sprays (paint, varnish, thinners, etc.). However we still can order other artistic goods - like pens, crayons, pastels, brushes and many more.

To place you order you should:
1) Contact us via e-mail or using feedback form;
2) Include the links to all items you're interested in as well as detailed description of the options and accessory you need (color, quantity, make-up, blushing, etc.) - or - send us a description of the accessory you're looking for (i.e.: long black straight wig for 1/3 doll);
3) Wait and receive the answer from our customers service representative. We will inform you about the order possibility as well as minimal prepayment, additional fees (if there's any), estimated production and delivery dates.

Most of the orders will be processed with no additional fees. However, if there's any additional fee for your order, we will let you know before you pay for it.

The rules for the items beyond the catalog are the same as for the in-catalog items:
- you may cancel the order before you pay for it - with no fine;
- you may cancel the order after you paid for it, but before it has been sent to the company, with 20% fine of the sum you've paid;
- the order, which has been sent to the company, can not be cancelled, no refund could be made.