Terms & Conditions

By registering and/or placing the order on this site you confirm you're a person of legal age and you agree to provide your personal information for a further processing and storage at our site. You also accept the current version of terms and conditions, which can be changed by us without prior notice.
Version: June 10, 2016.

1. Registartion at DollMix website is not mandatory. It allows you to follow all of your order(s) status changes when you're logged in.
1.1. While registering you have to input the correct contact information, in a way it is mentioned in your ID. You're required to keep this information up-to-date, edit your profile and inform us about any changes in your contact information.
1.2. DollMix doesn't use your contact information in a services which are non-related to the order processing as well as doesn't pass it to the third parties that are not involved into processing of your order (except for the situations regulated with the applicable laws).
2. All products are produced individually, for your order only! No returns, no refunds for any order handed to the manufacturer!
2.1. Please, read the information in the description carefully. If there's no information on products or options, please, contact our customers service using feedback form.
3. The products in the shopping cart can't be reserved. Your order is completed only after you press 'Confirm order' button.
4. Prepayment should be made within 5 business days after receiving an invoice from us. If prepayment hasn't been made in 5 business days, your order will be cancelled. You will be able to place an order again with no fines later.
4.1. If you didn't receive a message from us within 2 business days after your order has been placed, please, contact us.
4.2. The prepayment sum is individual and depends on your order.
4.3. If you make partial prepayment or use layaway, we have a right to adjust the balance according to currency rates changes (if you pay in currency different from US Dollar).
4.4. Layaway (up to 12 months) is possible with preliminary agreement about the first payment and total quantity of payments. Some restrictions may apply.
4.4.1. If your layaway is planned for 3 months or less, all available discounts may be applied. If your layaway is planned for 4-12 months, we may decrease or cancel discounts if there's any.
4.4.2. If you order a product which has limited sales period, your layaway has to be completed by the last date of sale period. If the product you've ordered is limited in quantity, please, contact us prior to placing your order.
4.4.3. By choosing layaway, be careful with terms of payments. All payments have to be sent every 30 days. If the 30-days payment is overdue for more that 1 week, the additional fees may apply. If the 30-days payment is overdue over 3 weeks, the order will be cancelled, no returns will be made.
5. Terms of handing the orders to manufacturers may vary. In case of delays, you can contact customers service and ask about the estimated dates of handing your order to the manufacturer. Estimated produsing dates are not fixed. If the produce terms are not shown, you can request the estimated dates from our customers service.
5.1. We are not responsible for any delays due to manufacturer's fault.
5.2. If we have information about any delays caused by manufacturer, we will inform you before you pay for the order or as soon as we get any notification from the manufacturer about any delay.
6. All descriptions and pictures provided by manufacturers. We are not responsible for discrepancy between the description/image and the real product.
6.1. Manufacturers may change the accessory materials without any prior notice, retaining the design and style of the product in general.

1. We accept PayPal, bank transactions and Western Union payments for the orders and services.
1.1. We DO NOT accept cards, cash, cheques, e-money payments. If somebody requests you (as a manager of DollMix Retail Inc.) to provide your card details to complete order/transaction or send a cheque or cash - please, don't do this. By no means we request this information from you.
2. No fees PayPal transactions are available for the customers, who send payments in USD. If you're a holder of a card/account in another currency, you can still make payments in USD. Make sure that currency will be converted not by PayPal, but your bank (see account settings).
2.1. If you pay for your order in a currency that differs from USD or CAD, please, add 4% to your payment to cover PayPal transaction fee. If the fee is not deducted by PayPal, we will transfer the leftover to your next order or count it into the shipping fee.
3. If you want to make bank transaction, please, note that our company is registered in Canada. By making international transactions you will have to pay lots of fees, depending on the sum you're transferring, currency rates, etc. Our bank's rate for accepting international transactions is not less than CAD$20.00, which could be also increased by some additional charges and fees.
4. If you cannot pay by PayPal or bank transfer and need to pay for your order with Western Union payment or any other method, please, contact us prior to placing your order.
5. After completion of transaction we will inform you about the received sum (usually by adding the information to your order or sending you an e-mail). If the received sum is smaller than it was supposed to be, we will ask you to transfer the remaining amount with the shipping fees. If the received sum is larger than it was supposed to be, the remaining part could be counted into the shipping fee or any other item, which could be ordered later or along with the main order.

1. If you cancel the order after confirming it, but before making prepayment, there's no fine for order cancellation.
2. If you cancel the order after making prepayment but before it is handed to the manufacturer, we will hold 20% of the payment.
3. The order handed to the manufacturer can not be cancelled! No refunds will be given.
4. All products (dolls, accessories) are produced for your order only. No returns, no refunds!
4.1. Associated products (which are not produced individually) could be replaced if the manufacturer made a mistake while preparing your order.
4.2. If the product you've ordered is out of production, we will inform you as soon as we get the information from the manufacturer.
4.2.1. If the doll you've ordered is sold out and the manufacturer doesn't produce it anymore, we will cancel the order and organize the refund.
4.2.2. If the accessory you've ordered is sold out and the manufacturer doesn't produce it anymore, we will suggest you options for the exchange (with the similar accessory). No order cancellation is possible.
5. If the order has been damaged during the delivery, manufacturer can provide the spare details with no additional charge. Sometimes manufacturer may ask the recipient to pay for the delivery though.
5.1. If the damage occurred after receiving the order or while receiving the order, due to recipient's fault or inadvertence, all charges for the details replacement and shipping should be applied to recipient.

1. Delivery is not included to the products price, unless stated otherwise.
1.1. We provide the best possible solutions for shipping price/speed, regarding the region of shipping and the order consistency. Usually we give you 2-3 delivery options and the final decision is yours.
1.2. Shipping price can be calculated after the exact weight of the parcel is known.
1.2.1. For the general orders (i.e. which includes one doll) we can calculate the approximate shipping price in advance.
2. Customs and postal fee for international delivery are the recipient's responsibility.
3. The customer/recipient pays for the delivery of free/event/gift items.
4. Estimated delivery dates depend on customs and postal services. We are not responsible for any delays related to these services.
5. The order may be shipped to any country, if there are no limitations for importing the products ordered.
5.1. We are not responsible for any returns of your order to the sender due to failure to process customs clearance for your parcel.